March 25, 2017

How everything started...
founding |I|M|R|U|A|® in 2009

On the occasion of the first International Conference of Motorcycle Respond Units from 12 to 14 June 2009 in Pécs, Hungary, paramedics from Hungary, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, USA, Great Britain, Australia and Germany got together to establish the International Fire & EMS Motorcycle Response Unit Association, “IMURA”. Therefore the German “Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V.” is charter member of IMURA.

In their different countries all Paramedic Motorcycle Squadrons provide active support for the public rescue service and contribute to reduce hold-back times. In major cities Motorcycle First Responders to some extent were able to cut down the time between the incoming emergency call and arrival on scene by 50%. This improves the medical outcome for cardiovascular and trauma patients.

On the final day of the conference all present ambulance motorcycles of all nations involved participated in an extensive drill executed together with the Pécs Firebrigade and the local rescue service to reveal that trained paramedics are brilliantly embedded in the Chain-Of-Survival to accomplish the patient-centred assistance in the shortest possible time – despite all communication problems (commands were often passed on in six different languages).


 Finally the conference members agreed to schedule their reunion every two years. The second IMURA Congress has taken place in 2011 in Koper/Slovenia, the third was 2013 in Germany/Salzgitter and the fourth Congress was 2015 in Netherland/Zwolle. The next congress, the fifth, will be in April 2017 in Poland / Gdansk. The exact date will be announced soon..

IMRUA Congress 2011


IMRUA Congress 2013



IMRUA Congress 2015