September 23, 2017

Registration for congress in Gdansk follow the link

Please read more information for accomodation






The 5th biannual International Fire & EMS Motorcycle Response Unit Association (IMRUA) Congress is being held in Gdansk, Poland from the 22-24 September 2017.

Quick Response Motorcycles offer an efficient and highly effective platform for both EMS and Fire Departments whose present resources are stretched too thin due to increasing call volumes and stagnant budgets.  Over half the countries on the planet utilize 2 wheeled vehicles in some fashion to respond to emergencies.  If your department could benefit from the  utilization of Motorcycle Response Units (MRUs), than this Congress is for you. Along with providing actual exposure to MRUs and their riders from around the world, other topics such as Emergency C-Section in an unsalvageable poly-traumatic patient will be presented.


To note and important notice to pre-congress in Berlin

In Berlin NO-pre-congress organized!
Everybody who wants to travel through Berlin to Gdansk should be informed, that they have no possibility to rent motorbikes in advance and that the local rental companies don’t accept that the bikes are driven out of Germany.
Another problem will be getting affordable hotel rooms in Berlin in that period because of the Berlin-Marathon.

There plans are to leave Berlin on Thursday morning around 7 am and the estimated travel time to Gdansk is 8-10 hours stops included.

Ray offered some help if somebody wants some sightseeing in Berlin or having dinner in an original Berlin Restaurant on Wednesday evening.


Information about accomodation:

Participants rent rooms on their own.

Hotel recommended by organizer is:

Novotel Gdańsk Marina

Jelitkowska Street No. 20 Gdańsk Poland

E-mail adress for booking:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. they have special offer for the congress, just write in your e-mail: IMRUA 2017.

You will receive return message with bank account number and date of payment.

Deadline of the booking is 31st July 2017. (after that day the price can increase or there'll be no rooms available).

Booking: from 21st to 23rd Sept (3 days), departure on 24th Sept noon.


Single room/bed&breakfast - 250 PLN (polish zloty)/ 63 EURO

Double room/bed&breakfast - 290 PLN/  73 EURO.


Registration for congress in Gdansk follow the link