February 25, 2018

Dear friends,
the summers brake is slowly coming to its end, and it is right now as every year: after the transport is before the transport ! Yesterday we have had our first collecting tour, one trucks loading with donations was driven to our stock. In the next year we want to organize a transport from May 23rd to June 4th to Romania / east of “Siebenbürgen” and Bakka Palanka / Vojvodina.
For this charity tour, this project we’re looking for a reliable motorcycle club in the region in or eastwards of Brasov, who will be able to organize with us as partner. As every time there will be support of “Eurobiker Charity Croatia” and the “Bikers of Europe Charity”. If you will have biker-friends over there, so please try to get in connection and let us know. For all of us and in the name of BBH I hope for a successful new project,
Cordially regards yours
Hermann Munzel



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Dr. Hermann Munzel
Biker-Brummi-Hilfe e.V.
"Biker Trucking Help"

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