February 25, 2018



omsz mentomotorHungary have four locations with five units.

Budapest (2 Units)
Balatonvilagos, Veszprem County
Szigetszentmiklos, Pest County
Godollo, Pest County

The opening date of all Units was June 2005. She have 3 service bikes, 2 backup bikes, 2 scooters, 1 backup scooter and 24 helpers.

Skin application Task

Motorcycles:  Paramedic or Doctor staffed EMS Bikes responsible for high level Emergency Care and scene management as well as MCI Coordinator at large accidents.  Bikes are fully stocked with all the specialized equipment that the highest tiered ambulance has in Hungary's EMS system (except stretcher and KED).  Motorcycles are used to respond to highway and off highway emergencies requiring fast Response.

Scooters:  Staffed with specialist nurses in the Center of Budapest.  Scooters are equipped to the same level as Specialist Nurse Ambulances in Hungary's EMS system.  Scooters have specialized equipment allowing nurses to administer high level aid until an ambulance arrives.  Scooters are responsible for covering all of Budapest however are concentrated in the core of the city.

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