November 23, 2017



Hello everyone, I'm João Agostinho, I'm from the city Leiria, Portugal (that little European paradise that lies between the atlantic ocean and Spain, is exactly the rectangular corner of land and who owns about "half" of the Atlantic)

Portugal, great beaches, great food, divine drink, lots of history, lots of sun, lots of culture, fantastic people, women ... well forget about women because you guys may discover the beauty of Portuguese women and may want to come here and takes them from us.

I work in the INEM - Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica (National Institute of Medical Emergency), I am crew member of Ambulances, mobile unit of psychological support () and Emergency motorcycle.

INEM is an agency of the State Tutored by the Ministry of Health and is responsible for the SIEM (Integrated Medical Emergency System). INEM, regulates and manages the prehospital emergency in Portugal and its main partners are the Voluntary Firefighters (majority), Professional Firefighters  and Red Cross

I am assigned to Lisbon - Portuguese capital - but keep me as a Volunteer Firefighter in my hometown, where also performing the activity of medical emergency and all other activities that firefighters develop, forest fires, urban fires , rescue, etc ... but as a volunteer.

Portugal videos:

O fado (portuguese  music genre - Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO):

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João Agostinho
Rua Estrada da Figueira da Foz,
2415 - 766, Leiria
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